To keep your machine in perfect Dimensional Metrology Efficiency, MDM METROSOFT recommend an annual inspection and certification procedure with MDM, referring to samples SIT.

Our company also provides a wide range of services designed to respond quickly to its customers exacting. 

Technical Support Service machines and software

  • Direct technical assistance throughout the warranty period;
  • Direct technical assistance on a call sheet or through on-line service;
  • Technical assistance on the machines control gear, both manual and CNC of all brands;
  • Whole sale specific Electronic/Computer as a PC and spare parts;
  • Courses, counseling and education of Dimensional Metrology at the customer, with the issue Certificates of Attendance;
  • Enters into contracts, annual maintenance programs;
  • Metrology Room Conditioned.
  • Periodic Inspection and Certification of products made ​​by skilled technicians;
  • Measurements C / thirds by issuing detailed reports with short delivery times and issuance of the certificate on the measured part;
  • Issue reports and calibration certificates in accordance with the applicable rules;
  • Custom Software Development